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Ligia FleckensteinHello! I’m Ligia Fleckenstein, the creator of Brazilian Portuguese in a Snap. I’m a native of Brazil, and love teaching Portuguese. My greatest satisfaction is seeing a new student expressing himself in my beautiful language and being able to hold a conversation in it. So, if your dream is learning Portuguese, you came to the right place.  I would love to help you.

One-to-One or Group Settings Lessons 

I offer one-to-one and group setting lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. These lessons can be offline if you live in Ventura County, Ca – or online, no matter where you live in the world.  

All Information and Tools

Brazilian Portuguese in a Snap includes all the information and tools necessary to take a first-time Portuguese learner, a  student who has some knowledge of this language, and an intermediate student to the most advanced level of Brazilian Portuguese.

You Will Be Introduced To The Different Aspects of Portuguese

You will be introduced to the different aspects of Portuguese: the grammatically correct language, the polite manner of speaking when looking for a job in Brazil, as well as to the everyday colloquial Portuguese spoken in the streets and with friends. You will be able to choose which aspect of Portuguese you want to use depending on the situation. Don’t worry, I will make sure you won’t have to deal very much with the boredom of grammar and its rules.

Authentic Brazilian Portuguese

Rapunzel_2008While learning authentic Brazilian Portuguese you will also be totally immersed into the Brazilian culture, and discover things which are very peculiar to our country.

By the end of my Portuguese course, you will be able to communicate very effectively in Brazilian Portuguese. 

If you’re ready to take the challenge of becoming proficient in Brazilian Portuguese, sign up for a 30 minute courtesy class

What Others are Saying About Ligia: 

Mrs. Fleckenstein’s approach to teaching is thorough and effective. Her lessons are relevant, smart, and challenging, yet fueled with joy and humor. She is an absolutely wonderful instructor. Her teaching aided me in the beginnings of my passion for my new language. I fully endorse her classes and would encourage anyone seeking language proficiency and excellence to consider her as an instructor! You can’t go wrong! Merci! ~ V. Curiel    

I am writing to recommend Ligia Fleckenstein as a foreign language teacher. I took Portuguese lessons from her for three months this year in preparation for a trip to Brazil, and although I was new to Portuguese, by the end of three months I was able to converse in the language. Besides patiently helping me with pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, she also helped introduce me to Brazilian culture. Ligia has a wonderfully positive attitude which made her lessons enjoyable. Her encouragement increased my confidence level, and her use of humor and music made the lessons fun and exciting. Ligia is professional, reliable and diligent. ~Rosie Funk

I would like to recommend Ligia Fleckenstein as an exceptional Portuguese teacher.  I have had many language instructors over the years and Ligia is one of the best.  From the start, her passion for teaching is evident both during the class and afterward, when she regularly follows up on questions raised during the class and doesn’t rest until she has found examples that help the student to learn and retain the concept. Ligia also has the rare ability to conduct a conversation class permitting the student the freedom to gain fluency while continuing to correct grammar and vocabulary points.  She is conversant in a wide range of topics and has an exuberant, positive personality with a great sense of humor which frankly makes it a pleasure to take a class with her.  And her multilingual skills (in addition to Portuguese and English, she also speaks Spanish and French) are a big plus for international students with other language backgrounds.  In sum, I highly recommend Ligia to anyone seeking high quality presence, telephone or online Portuguese classes.  ~ Mark Siegel, Vice President – BOM Merill Lynch

I had a great time learning a foreign language with Ligia. During her classes she created an ambience that helped us develop great and useful skills. All challenges we faced during the course were focused on guiding us, the students, to become independent and self-confident in that language. ~ Renier Camelo Barrocas – Inspection Technician

 I loved working with Ligia. She is very professional and helped me a lot with my paper of Portuguese literature. She is very responsible and very interested in the progress of the students. ~ Marialuz Bateman


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