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How Was Portuguese Born?  Just as Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian, Portuguese is considered to be a Romance language. 

Why Brazilian Portuguese? –  Brazilian Portuguese is a beautiful, melodic language. Some believe it as a very sexy language. Well, listen to some Brazilian music and be the judge. Many think it’s a mixture of Spanish and French.  Could that be the case? Perhaps… Many words in the Brazilian vocabulary are the same as in the Spanish, but they sound totally different. On the other hand, many words sound like French because of the way we pronounce the R (ar).

Is Portuguese Very Difficult to Learn? – Everywhere I turn people ask me this question. For some reason, they have been given the misconception that Portuguese is a very difficult language to learn, and I don’t really know why. Portuguese is just as hard as any other Romance language.

Do Brazilian and European Portuguese Speakers Understand Each Other? Absolutely! It’s true that there are some differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese. However, they do not hinder communication between the people of those two nations. The level of differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese are comparable to the level of differences between American and British English. 

Differences Between Brazilian and European Portuguese (Part 1) – Foreigners interested in learning Portuguese may wonder if there are a lot of differences between the Portuguese spoken in Brazil that spoken in Portugal, and which one they should choose to study. 

Differences Between Brazilian and European Portuguese (Part 2) – The present continuous in Brazilian Portuguese is the equivalent to the linking verb ‘estar + the main verb in the infinitive, in European Portuguese. Check out it! Even though the meaning is the same, the sentence structure  in these two Portuguese versions is built completely different. 

Other Influences in the Brazilian Portuguese Language – coming soon


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